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Eurogamer Expo: A Glimpse of Tomorrow?

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, 26th September 2011 at 02:18 PM (1508 Views)
My Saturday was spent attending the Eurogamer Expo at Earl's Court, London. This trade show was a chance for members of the public and video games industry to show off their future releases and next-gen technology. And it is brimming with technology.

One of the most popular stands was the OnLive service. Recently launched in the UK, the service jumps aboard the cloud bandwagon and tries to offer gamers the chance to stream titles online using a PC or a micro-console. This small box was available to attendees for £1 and the queue to obtain one was an hour and a half long. Eventually they ran out and had to give coupons out for people to order one online (which also comes with a sneaky £6 delivery charge). Luckily whilst trying a demo of the system at the BT Stand, I dropped the hint I am a customer and he went to get me a voucher.

Another piece of kit being shown off was the PS-Vita, a console with reverse touch. Attendees of the EduGeek Conference will recognise this technology from the Microsoft future preview video with the changeable plane ticket and I am surprised to see Sony offering it commercially already. Unfortunately the queue was also very long for giving this device a try and I didn't get a chance to. The marketing video did show the use of the camera function to play a beat-em up with whatever is in front of you as a backdrop.

Once the OnLive console arrives I will be posting a quick review of it on here. Currently the PC client appears to be having issues contacting the servers due to Eurogamer thrusting it into the spotlight rather quickly. It will be interesting to see how the cloud fad works for an application as intensive as gaming.

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  1. john's Avatar
    Sounds a fun event and a nice day out. I am looking forward to the R3play even in November you should come up to that
  2. CAM's Avatar
    That's in Blackpool isn't it? Bit far for no time off to go there lol.
  3. john's Avatar
    Yup it is indeed, great weekend last year hope this years is just as good


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