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Keyboard Cleaning

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, 22nd April 2011 at 01:53 AM (9131 Views)
As much as I hate Dell's hardware, PSU's in particular, I can't fault their peripherals. My monitor is still soldiering on after nearly 5-6 years of service and the keyboard has taken such a battering that the WASD keys are faded to the point of blankness. That's what gaming does to keyboards, punishes them. WASD in particular.

So what awaits me when I pop the keys off one by one to see what half a decade of non-cleaning will reveal?


What is this, do I have a hamster living under my keys? What is that in there? I recognise those, they might be Doritos from last...decade. Closer inspection:


No not a hamster, I think I have a cat living in my keyboard. That is only half the cat hair, the rest flew off in the wind as I took it outside. I also dread to think how much has made it into the other electrical devices in the house.

So next time you put those fingers on your keys, have a think about what's under there. Lift it above your head, give it a little shake...

(Reckon any will fall for that?)

Clean again, provided I ban the cats from the room.


  1. superfletch's Avatar
    I cleaned out my keyboard at work over the Christmas holiday as I could see dirt inside it and that irritated me. Funnily enough I'd wager it was the exact same model Dell keyboard. It was unpleasant, but not anywhere near as manky as yours though CAM

    I must say that I was surprised how well all the keys clipped back in and at how the feel of the keyboard didn't change at all (keys all travelled the same as before and so on).

    After doing mine I was inspired to do a colleagues and "accidentally" popped some of the keys back in the wrong places.
  2. CAM's Avatar
    The keys took a fair bit of abuse during removal but went back so easily. I broke one clip and the key still still worked so kudos to Dell for building a fairly robust keyboard.
  3. Gret_A's Avatar
    You need some compressed air! Its onlt a few £'s, but I cleaned mine with it recently - Disgusting!! haha.


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