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Internet Explorer 9 and You (Tube)

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, 2nd March 2011 at 10:31 PM (7391 Views)
I am currently testing out Internet Explorer 9 64-bit on a copy of Windows 7 Home. Very smart looking, I like the Facebook web slice and the browser seems fast. Visiting YouTube however was less then enthralling as it starts demanding me to install Flash.

But wait, doesn't IE9 support HTML5 meaning Flash isn't required for YouTube? Correct, but it takes an extra step to get it to work courtesy of YouTube putting obstacles in the way.

To enable the YouTube HTML5 player in IE9 visit YouTube - HTML5 to visit the opt-in service for the new player. Read the text, click Opt-In at the bottom and refresh the page with the video nagging you about Flash. You will now get a video displayed in HTML5 (but it will still nag you about Flash).

The video played perfectly fine and was of decent quality. I couldn't really see a need to install Flash Player. I'll update with more as I explore this new version of IE9.




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