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Wait I Recognise Those Biscuits...

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, 7th July 2010 at 02:15 PM (1681 Views)
Nothing makes your mouth water quite like two large boxes of biscuits appearing on your desk. We are talking nearly 100 per box of various delicacies from jammy dodgers to shortbread. Tasty!

But wait, these biscuits, I recognise that box. We had those for supervised study...a couple of...years...back...

Librarian: "Oh those are for the bin. I found them in the store cupboard and they went off September 2008."

Surprisingly, they still look like biscuits. Even more surprisingly, someone dared to eat one and described it as tasting "quite odd."


  1. Dos_Box's Avatar
    Biscuit fail. The worst kind
  2. K.C.Leblanc's Avatar


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