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It's For Either Taking Videos or Building Houses

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, 26th June 2010 at 01:56 AM (5113 Views)
Sometimes strange kit get's pulled up from the depths of the school and sent off to the school's technical team as "potentially useful." It's a common occurance and every technician with a blog has probably posted recollections of their old kit found in the dark corner of a classroom or server room.

Today is no exception when I was handed some old kit that the PE Department had cleared out of their gym. Amongst them was a still camera with a likely usable lens and couple of camcorders. There was even a laptop running Windows ME that surprisingly still worked and ran pretty well (kept off the network of course!) though it thought it was 1980 on turning it on.

However, the sheer size of one of the camcorders surprised even me with it's big, black plastic casing and an eyepiece that stuck out in a most eyepoking manner. It was old, had no charger and the battery pack had leaked white stuff all over the inside of the bag and back of the unit. But it's not until you see old kit like this that you realise how lucky we are today to have such small devices.

I got some snaps of it and added them to this post. Enjoy!
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  1. Mr.Ben's Avatar
    I do wonder how we lived in the nineties, we must all have had spades for hands.


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