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Windows Numbers

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, 20th June 2010 at 08:52 PM (1628 Views)
A few things I didn't realise about the Windows key in Windows 7:

- The Windows key plus any number "clicks" on the corresponding icon pinned to the start menu, reading from left to right.
- Use Windows key and space to hide all windows until you release the Windows key.
- Windows key and = will zoom in with Magnifier by 100% per press of the key.
- Windows key and Home did err, something. One moment it switched windows, the next minimised and restored one.
- Windows key and Delete brought up a window saying Open Folder and an option to Recurse directories. I didn't go any further then that given it had no explanation what it did.


  1. SkreeM1980's Avatar
    Interesting, you learn something new every day.

    After trying Windows Key and = to zoom in with magnifier, i found that Windows Key and - zooms back out then i found that you can use the Plus and minus keys from the number pad in combination with the windows key to zoom in and out too.

    I didn't get anything out of Windows and Delete, not sure what you found there ?

    Windows and Home appears to minimise all but the active window, and then the reverse, a little like shaking the window, but with a reverse feature.

    Windows key plus number may be useful, but i've got 14 things pinned on my taskbar, how do i access number 11 etc??

    Also found if you do Windows Plus arrow keys you can move windows about, snapping them to the side etc, altho if you use Down arrow it minimizes and your focus changes to the next window with no obvious key to reverse!

    Windows and Tab, now thats funky!
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