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It's a Tornado of Sticky

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, 17th May 2010 at 02:17 PM (1338 Views)
Year 13 chose today as their "muck-up day" as the pupils call it. Hence the current sights of Post-It notes declaring how we are going to miss them (amongst other messages) scattered accross the whole school. I'm not kidding either, every wall in every corridor and room accessible to the pupils are scattered with Post-It notes. It's like a tornado of sticky bits of paper whisked through the school over Period 1 and as fast as they come down, the walls are covered again.

It's pretty hilarious to watch to be honest. I'd rather they let off end-of-year steam with a non-destructive act like this then what happens in some schools. I still recall the Police being called when I left school after a few "nitwits," as a polite term, vandalised the school toilets. Thankfully I never see that here.

I guess other schools have the same things to look forwards to over the coming week as exam season kicks into full swing and study leave begins. Now to wonder how the caretakers will remove the Post-It notes covering the school's sign by the front gate...
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