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Assessment Manager Quirk: Marksheet Updates

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, 10th May 2010 at 02:31 PM (5648 Views)
I spotted a little quirk today in Assessment Manager that anyone using it for reporting should be aware of. Over time, staff members will change and the Marksheets that have been assigned will slowly become out of date. In our case, a baby boom amongst the staff population led to a large number of maternity cover teachers being employed and thus assigned to the now teacherless classes.

This lead to the Marksheets that were assigned at the start of term to be out of date and still bound to the absent staff members account and not the one for the new staff member. This means it is important to know who is and isn't on leave.

Luckily Assessment Manager made it relatively easy to update the sheets. Section 3 of the Template screen lets the Assessment Co-Ordinator delete all the marksheets for a subject and re-assign them. This refreshes the list (though a Refresh button would have been preferable). Repeat for all the marksheets in your collection. You don't even have to know who is covering the staff member as whoever is responsible for keeping that information up-to-date will have handled that already. SIMS will assign the new staff member when you re-assign the marksheets.

Unfortunately if you have a lot of marksheets this could be a time consuming process in which case it is time to settle down with a cup of coffee and update every sheet one-by-one. If there is a faster way to do this (like some magical auto-update wand to change every sheet in Assessment Manager to the new owner) please post below with your ideas.


  1. vikpaw's Avatar
    question: does a person who is put on cover, via cover module gain access to the marksheets for the classes they are covering..?

    if a person is brought in to do a long cover, we often give them access to the other person's SIMS account so they can do that, because sometimes we still want the original teacher's name on the reports.

    otherwise, as you say the marksheets can be fairly easily recreated and the assessment operator should be told of any changes to the timetable. luckily for us, the timetabler also manages the reports set up

    i did actually think that with update course memberships, the course supervisors would also get updated and the marksheet control would just pass to the right person... even though on the template screen it has the old teachers name. we get this with our reg group based marksheets, it still shows the name of the person from two years ago, when i set it up, but actually gets assigned to the current class teacher and it's their name that gets printed in the report.
  2. CAM's Avatar
    If it still shows the old name then it will still be worth updating. Then the name of the marksheet owner will be correct.


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