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Double Update Whammy

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, 28th April 2010 at 01:37 PM (1139 Views)
Today looked set to be another normal day, camped at my desk with a cup of coffee and tinkering with the homebrew system to set up school reports. As it stands, my heart sank when I fired up SIMS and an update appeared (also interfering with my project monitoring the SIMS server through MMC). At the same time, the webmail system was upgraded by external providers to a new one. We knew it was going to happen but not when. Today just got interesting.

Fortunately training the Admin staff in both the webmail and the new Class Lists feature (formerly in Nova-T4) went pretty well for an ad-hoc session. I now need to sit down and work out who needs more support and how to deliver it while quickly learning the system myself and reporting/squishing bugs on the way. Days like this I wish I used a helpdesk, but Sunbird will need to stand-in instead. But a different day is a good day.



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