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, 19th January 2010 at 02:21 PM (1846 Views)
Recently, I was asked by the Headteacher to look into using a centralised system for the internal school display. I settled on Xibo, a system I could set up for little or no cost to the school. Unfortunately I lacked a machine to test it on.

The end result is a working Xibo install running on a Ubuntu-based Apache webserver. This proof-of-concept test server is installed on my...memory stick?

No fast hard disk, no large space to store files, just an 8Gb memory stick plugged into a random office PC streaming a low bandwidth test display.

It isn't much but it's a start. And a fun little experiment too.


  1. garethedmondson's Avatar
    That would be interesting to mess with - do you have some notes?

  2. CAM's Avatar
    Install it as a normal Linux installation from a Live CD using the "Guided - Entire Disk" option. On the last screen, you need to click Advanced and choose the USB stick as the location of the bootloader. This installs GRUB on the USB stick and won't muck up the PC you put the Live CD into. Do it on a machine you don't care about just in-case though!

    I didn't do this and had to grab my Windows XP disk and run FIXMBR from the recovery console then boot up a Live CD and start identifying my disk using BIOS numbers to install GRUB. Otherwise the PC only started up with the USB disk inserted. Nice little rudimentary security measure though.

    The Live CD does include a USB Startup Disk program but I have found it tempermental at best and it didn't retain package information.
  3. zakthetech's Avatar
    Haha combine the usb disk requirement with a blank keyboard set out in dvorak rather than qwerty and i think we have a secure pc that other staff will not be able to abuse....


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