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The Weather, How Frightful!

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, 5th January 2010 at 02:17 PM (1191 Views)
First of all a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on Edugeek. A new year has begun and schools are enjoying their first day back to work, but 2010 looks set to start as 2009 ended.

Already there has been a lot of closures accross the country due to snow. More looks set to arrive tonight (if it hasn't already) and that means more risk of school closure. It is best to test your notification systems now rather then later, bearing in mind how much strain your school websites will be under.

A perfect example was the end of last term, where heavy snow closed many schools again. LGfL has been promoting their OpenCheck system that unfortunately went down at 7.00am, about the time kids are screaming out the window at the snow while their beleagured parents are frantically checking the news and school websites.

So plan now and ensure you have a backup plan. Inform students to check the school website before they travel in addition to systems like OpenCheck. The message should also be small and use a low bandwidth page, possibly replacing the front page of your site with a simple line of text explaining closure. Otherwise you might find your website overloaded with traffic and confused parents and staff alike.



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