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Why The Education Sector Is...Different

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, 4th December 2009 at 02:35 PM (1759 Views)
Sometimes I look at why I work for lower money then my corporate counterparts in IT. Then I realise in corporate IT, you don't get strange and random situations every day due to the unpredictability of the students at the school.

As an example, I currently have some of the older kids singing a joint rendition of the song below in one of the corridors outside my office. You won't see that in corporate IT.

[ame=""]YouTube- Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"[/ame]

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  1. Old_Skool's Avatar
    I've not worked in corporate IT, but did many years as a hot-shot HW designer in the corporate world wherein we viewed any IT types as useless baggage. My wife did her time in corporate IT and has many stories to tell. We both now work for our local school district where I now ironically pursue an IT career. Karma is a bitch :-)

    Yes the pay is less and the hours can be long - but at least at my current level I don't have some mid-level manager on my case about some multi $100K project that is a week behind - blah - blah. Or working insane OT to reach a mile-stone so some Vice President can get a bonus.

    And providing direct client support at a school there is fun stuff with students (like your video). But the big thing for me is that the overall "mission" is focused on getting kids educated. Or as I experienced in my second year - a chance to help salvage a student with Aspergers who was geek but had severe socialization issues. He found refuge in my tech office - became more social - and graduated. Thats not going to happen at corporate central.


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