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Working from Home

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, 4th November 2009 at 10:51 AM (1681 Views)
Due to being unable to set foot outside of my house thanks to a knee-jerk reaction by the NHS (oh no, blanket diagnosis of swine flu!) I am being forced to work from home.

So far so good. I'm staying in touch with my manager via EMail and able to handle jobs on our two online systems of Fronter and the homebrew reporting system. I'm still able to respond rapidly to some tickets and have pushed out at least one instant resolution this morning.

Just in-case, I am using the piece of paper to organise my incoming jobs via Webmail as a record of work completed whilst absent. I'll be away for an extended period of time and don't plan on A) letting the paperwork pile-up or B) seen as not caring about the entire situation. Besides, it keeps my mind off my illness and the potential havoc I'll cause should it spread round the house.

It's a shame my hands are tied behind my back though with no access to the school's SIMS data. We haven't yet purchased the Options and SIMS Learning Gateway modules but I think this situation may go some way to posing an argument for it. Until then those lucky enough to be allowed out their house and turn up for work will have to deal with those tickets.

At least until I find a way round that predicament with a bit of remote control wizardry.

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