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JVC Everio Cameras and .MOD Files

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, 27th October 2009 at 10:28 PM (1240 Views)
4 months ago, I purchased a JVC Everio camcorder. I was hoping to film my trips to London but after running some test footage, I discovered it didn't work. The software was terrible and it stored files in .MOD format. Good if you have the cash to splash for Adobe Premiere, bad if your forced to use Windows Movie Maker.

Fast forward to today. Then, I used Windows XP. Now I use Windows 7 and the Live version of Movie Maker. Not only did Windows 7 pick up my camera with no drivers required, I could also edit the .MOD files with a right click and an Open With. It just worked no fuss!

I hear it is a bad idea to edit .MOD files like this but I still have my videos! Microsoft are most certainly in my good books tonight.

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  1. sparkeh's Avatar
    Wow thanks for that!
    Two of my schools have these cameras and its been a nightmare.
    Good to know that there's hope when we move to Windows 7.


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