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When Undo Fails...

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, 5th October 2009 at 02:20 PM (1384 Views) fails dramatically. Such as not actually being an undo button but a "Too lazy to close and re-open the Marksheet Template without saving so here is a button to do it for you" button.

Said button is mistakenly pressed after spending over half an hour assembling columns with great patience in Assessment Manager on the pretence that it will undo only one action. Instead it rolls back to when I last saved, which was over half an hour ago. It took so long as the Marksheet is very large and SIMS takes a long time to move the columns over a slow (or any) network connection.

And so the words I give to my dear Sixth Form students when they approach me about lost work ring through my head.

"Save your work often. No matter how much the application tries to get in your way when saving." (In this case jumping to the bottom of the columns list constantly).

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