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, 13th May 2009 at 11:07 PM (3003 Views)
You know, I am slowly warming up to Fronter. Regardless of the trouble suffered by LGfL during the start of this academic year with their login system, it is very good when it works.

I have been getting to grips with making pages, using tools and generally spicing things up as practice. I've seen productive (and not so productive) student message board posts, taught teachers how to use RSS feeds and promoted special events with the News tool.

By digging into the tools and slowly putting up with the sometimes clunky interface, I have found it to be a lot of fun to use and I can't help but think of new ways for the teachers to make use of Fronter. If you were in Sixth Form and got to run a live advertising campaign as a project on an Internet based system in-school, wouldn't you be excited?

I plan on presenting a number of ideas such as the ad campaign and more at a Fronter Development Group being started up next week. It's in-house but it means I can add more responsiblity to my CV and get an insight into how Fronter's usage will develop in-school.

Maybe I can encourage more dynamic content in pages that the kids will enjoy. After all, it's comparable to a traditional classroom. Sitting there reading static text on a screen is dull, just like sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher drone on.

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