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Where is the Snow?

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, 9th December 2011 at 09:35 PM (2924 Views)
For the past few years we have had some terrible snowfalls. For the most part it is further north this year with the south being mostly unaffected. Forecasts show a brief minor risk of snow flanked either side with rain and rather mild temperatures nearer Christmas.

So where is this snow? Seems to be plenty of gimmicks being punted by the advertisers.

I know people who have gone out buying snow shoe grips, snow chains, all sorts of stuff that you should use abroad in the Alps (who ironically have their own snow drought) but not in the UK. Even with the heavy snowfall in 2011 it made up a fraction of winter. But the snow entering the public conscience has had the placebo pushed into the public's hands by marketing companies.

Come to think of it, I've seen a distinct lack of festive spirit in the country too. Maybe Santa's elves will peddle snow shoes and tyres on a county market stall next year?


  1. john's Avatar
    Hey hey hey some of us need our snow tyres. My car had 18" rims with Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 rubber on them, very very nice in the summer, fine on wet motorways and nice and quiet actually am very impressed with them and they have done nearly 31K and still got wear in them (for the cost per corner I'd hope so when it comes to replacing them!!).

    However, as the reviews here - Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 | the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 reviewed and rated | the online tyre guide say, I can 110% agree snow and slush = a very expensive sled!

    I've just got some 16" rims and some nice proper winter tyres, now feeling very poor and have no space at all in the garage as its got a stack of 18" rims lol, however the new rims and rubber should work well with it and the off-road should be good on the car as VW have some very good reviews and I found out that the system on my car is the same as on the Freelander 2 which does well off-road.

    Now I am sure @ZeroHour would need even better snow tyres than me but we had it bad last year, I live a mile off the main road and don't get ploughed or gritted for 3 days of below 0 and snow fall so we have to get about for 3 days and a normal car on general purpose road tyres just doesn't work so I am hoping that this does work

    But I do agree that too many people have gone OMG and bought silly things that they will never need or use in winter
  2. garethedmondson's Avatar
    We have a Ford Kuga (2WD) and it struggled this week on the vast amount of hailstones that fel. I told my wife a the time that a Discovery 3 would have been a better opion but as she is the one driving it it's not what she wanted.

    Time to re-consider I think. Quite happy to have an older Disco 3

  3. jinnantonnixx's Avatar
    A two-wheel drive with winter/all weather tyres will be better than a 4x4 with summer tyres.
    My Dad uses Bridgestone A001 all-weather tyres, ideal for the crazy UK weather.

    It's the repeated thaw and re-freeze which makes conditions so bad. Our winter temperature oscillates around freezing point which makes road conditions worse than many parts of Europe, which tend to scoff at the UK.
  4. CAM's Avatar
    Winter tyres have their use (shouldn't have mentioned them in the elves crack at the end TBH) but snow chains? Rarely a use for those!
  5. john's Avatar
    Well we have had some snow and I have used the Winter Tyres and they are great they are some real beasts, they are Cooper Discoverer M+S2's and they were great on the hills the other day felt solid as a rock and very stable, car park at work that no-one dares park in when it snows as you cannot get out of it easily was no issues for me. Obviosuly my driving in the snow isn't as quick or as "sporty" as I am in the summer (Im not one of these that thinks I can now do 70 on a snowy road like I can in summer) but I can make better pace on them than I could the summer tyres

    as for Gareths 2WD Kuga They do my car (VW Tiguan) in a 2WD model, its just wrong! It shouldn't be sold without being a 4 Wheel Drive vehicle, yet people want a posey 4x4 style vehicle but don't want 4x4 costs or weight so manufacturers make them. A Ford Kuga 4 wheel drive model (assume Ford make one as they look a similar vehicle to the Tiguan so do wonder if there is some sharing going on there!) will probably be much better for you.
  6. CAM's Avatar
    Send some snow my way John!
  7. john's Avatar
    haha you want some of my blackice that has taken over on the roads from snow


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