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So...A Sales Call?

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, 5th December 2011 at 06:26 PM (2539 Views)
The home phone rings right before a nice cup of coffee and interrupting a typical British chat about the weather.

"Hello, I'm calling from Scottish power. Is Mrs X in?"

" this is a relative, she isn't here. Is this a sales call?"

"No, a sales call would be if I was offering the beast deal for your electricity or gas."

What a weird thing to say. Maybe this is a genuine call for said relative. I decide to press further.

"Oh right, she isn't here right now. What is the call about if I may ask?"

"Well, I want to find out if you are on the best deal for your electricity or gas and then see what Scottish Power can offer you."


"Thanks but umm, we aren't interested. Bye."

"OK, goodbye!"


Me and my friend then broke down laughing at the absurdity of that phonecall.

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  1. X-13's Avatar
    This isn't a comment. If I was commenting, I would be expressing how funny I found this.


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