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iHate Work? iFired!

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, 3rd November 2011 at 02:30 PM (2009 Views)
Well, no, I am not fired but this poor Apple employee was for making comments about his employer on Facebook.

It shows that you need to be careful what you say these days. All too often I see comments on Twitter or Facebook about people hating their job and often they don't realise, if I can see the comment so can their boss. What makes this case more chilling is the post in question had privacy settings applied so the poster thought it was safe, but a colleague on the access list clearly had other ideas when ratting him out.

This especially applies to the Red Door forum on this site. A lot of folks vent and that is what the forum is for, but care needs to be taken as it only takes signing up for an account to take a peek through the door. It only protects against Google indexing the posts and making it easier to find.

If you do use social networks, remember the following:

- Be careful who you add and what permissions they are given, especially work colleagues.
- Assume anything you post can be seen by eyes that shouldn't see it.
- Don't assume that you are 100% safe behind an online handle.
- Never, ever, ever add students!


  1. X-13's Avatar
    Bah. Is there no such thing as free speech anymore?

    Shameful, just shameful.
  2. CAM's Avatar
    Unfortunately so.

    Interestingly, Apple's employees are trying to organise a union entirely for themselves.
  3. DAZZD88's Avatar
    A co-worker of mine has previously added other staff here on FB (without worrying whether she can trust them or not) and one of them decided post comments and have a go at her.

    Myself, I only add those I trust. Yes, the point about the BTRD is valid but if your a member of your SMT has to spend time looking for such places, then it makes you wonder why they're not doing their job.


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