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EcoSplash / ShowerSaint

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, 5th November 2011 at 01:35 PM (24298 Views)
Just had this rubbish through the door in postcard format:

Your request for an EcoSplash has been received. (No, We never sent a request!)

If you don't require it contact us on... (Stop there. We didn't order one so no!)

You will need to give us your address so that we can remove your details (And confirm I am an idiot? No thanks!)

For more information visit... (Doesn't even appear in Google searches and the WHOIS points to a marketing agency, no chance!)
UPDATE: I should correct this as surprise surprise, the ShowerSaint actually DID turn up. Aplogies to the parent company but really, try a better and more informative marketing campagin next time. Unsolicited items really raise suspicions as to wrong doing taking place, especially if you haven't even got a presence or website set up yet.

And yes, it was marked Return to Sender and dumped back in the psotbox.

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