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Building an ICT suite in pictures.

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by , 8th July 2014 at 02:26 PM (10038 Views)
How to build an ICT suite

Cablers Network & AV Solutions have been providing education technology solutions to schools in the South East for many years and we have developed a few skills that many of our competitors do not come close to matching. One of the skills Cablers have developed is the ability to work with schools and colleges to design bespoke solutions that fit their education technology needs perfectly and the capability to bring those designs to life using only our own in house installation engineers who build and commission designs. Cablers can also supply all the hardware and incorporate the network infrastructure to make everything work seamlessly. This is great news for a school or college who can work with just one company throughout a whole project from conception to delivery making the whole process less complicated and more manageable than dealing with multiple contractors. It also makes us a more cost effective option for most projects.
We have been asked to create many bespoke solutions that incorporate technology for the education sector including Learning Bubbles, Science Lab’s, Observatory’s, Exclusion Units, Mac Suite Music Rooms and of course ICT Suites.

Here’s one we prepared earlier…..

We were asked by a primary school to design and build a bespoke ICT suite to fit 32 students, one teacher, one teachers desk, a Smartboard and a mobile laptop trolley. They also wanted to keep some of their existing furniture in the room.
Quite a tall order considering that the room was not huge.
The design started with conversations between Cablers, the head teacher and all staff at the school who would be use the new suite everyday. Cablers assigned a project manager who got to know how they wanted to use the space and we were then able to provide a proposed design that fitted the senior leadership teams requirements and specifications including everything on their wish list.

This is how it came together.

After the design has been approved its time to start construction.

The first job is to bring the tools in and lay everything out. Of course we also cover the floors in plastic sheeting so they are not ruined.

Getting the custom built central support structure right is key as this is what will give the benching its structural integrity and house the connectivity. Our installation engineers then install the worktop for the benching which is supported by substantial chrome legs that not only look good but serve the essential purpose of holding it all up. The holes for the grommets are bored out and the plastic inserts fitted to ensure tidy cabling for the work surface. The bench edges are shaped to make the suite more pleasing to the eye and ensure children wont catch themselves on prominent edges.

Sorry, I could only post 4 images in this blog on edugeek. If you want to see how it turns out please use the link to the complete blog Ive written.

Give our education team a call if you have a project you feel we can help you with.

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  1. FN-GM's Avatar
    You have done a nice tidy job!
  2. john's Avatar
    Looks quiet a nice job, shame they re-used such large computers (and XP).

    Did you suggest positioning the towers behind the monitors or even hanging them in adjustable straps under the desks? Where I used to work we designed rooms so that towers were hung under desks to create extra space, ensure an open feel and it also means the students cannot hide between each tower as they can do in that layout shown, also monitor brackets would lift screens up above the workspace creating more room for books / resources.

    Also on the images on your blog ( can I suggest you get your electric insulation tester recertified given it was due in 2008 and its now 2014 I'd expect it to be re-calibrated before now to ensure its results and readings are correct and reliable.


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