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My Picks for the Top 3 Touch Screens for Education.

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by , 6th June 2014 at 03:49 PM (4541 Views)
Smart E70

This is currently the Rolls Royce of interactive touchscreen's. The Smart E70 comes bundled with the latest version of Smart NoteBook software fully licensed for your use in school. It has a 70" high definition display (16:9 aspect ratio) which is big enough for any class room. It's low glare, low friction surface provides a natural touch experience whilst allowing students to see the board from all angles even in sunlight. It has eight points of touch which allows for up to 4 users using control gestures on the board at any one time, enabling more collaborative lessons. The E70 is also compatible with SMART's range of accessories.
This touch screen has an excellent build quality, the casing of the screen feels robust and having installed them i can see these units lasting for many, many years.


A perfect solution for 21st century classrooms, the BenQ interactive flat panel RP650 combines the power of touch technology and multimedia connectivity to maximize the learning experience of all types of learners. Designed with safety and flexibility in mind, the BENQ RP650 is easy and simple to install in any classroom setting using a VESA wall mount. It has a massive 65" screen providing a 16:9 aspect ratio and is ample size for most class rooms. You can touch the screen to pan, zoom and scroll images with fingers through the optical 5-point multi-touch technology which allows students and teacher to write on the screen at the same time. Touch eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard, so you can operate education software or presentations like using a tablet to enjoy an engaging experience. You can also interact with students simultaneously on the big screen. The crystal clear resolution and high brightness display means that images are clearly visible and unlike projection based interactive solutions, there is no shadowing.The dual and multi touch screens allow students to collaborate simultaneously, encouraging cooperation and teamwork in the classroom. The BENQ PR650 (PR650+ Has anti glare glass) comes bundled with a licensed copy of Smart Notebook software.
With a industrial grade panel combined with guaranteed 24/7 usage and a durable design makes a BENQ Interactive Touchscreen a very versatile solution for every classroom.

Promethean ActivPanel Touch

ActivPanel Touch is available in a 65” or 70” touch panel display. ActivPanel Touch promotes active participation in whole-class or small-group lessons by providing vivid interactivity and engaging learning experiences. With a design optimised for the classroom and has superb construction, this interactive flat-panel display will enliven lessons and promote student engagement for years to come. It comes bundled with a licensed copy of Promethean’s ActivInspire for you to use with the screen in school and access to Promethean Planet’s 80,000+ free teaching resources and online professional development provide educators tools and support for active and inspired learning.
This screen provides excellent visibility in any room, at any angle. Keeping all learners engaged is the hallmark of ActivPanel Touch. Crystal-clear visibility in virtually any lighting conditions and a wide viewing angle make every seat in the house a great one. Whether you’re in a classroom flooded with warm sunshine or one with no natural lighting, every student will be well placed to actively learn.
Exceptionally smooth and responsive interactivity is the norm whether you are writing, pinching, zooming or swiping the edge of the ActivPanel Touch screen. Using a stylus or finger, ActivPanel Touch offers a natural, precise handwriting experience. The multi-touch functionality brings Windows 7 and Windows 8’s tools to life at the swipe of your students’ fingertips. ActivPanel Touch is simple and intuitive for both pupils and teachers. Using technology to accomplish your long list of learning objectives has never been easier.
Promethean's interactive flat panel is designed to meet the unique needs and demands of any classroom. Its long-lasting LED interactive touch screen, durable construction and comprehensive warranty ensure a long life of reliable service. While ActivPanel Touch works seamlessly with all Promethean solutions, it's also flexible enough to complement most educational technologies.

Check out Interactive Touch Screens for Classrooms for more information.
Contact Cablers for the latest offers and some good advice on all classroom multimedia solutions.

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    Agree with these choices. CleverTouch will have to pull something very special out of the bag to get my custom back! Just add a n Apple TV with the new iOS 8 peer-to-peer airplay feature and your sorted!
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