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That time of year

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by , 17th May 2012 at 12:27 PM (2383 Views)
Its not long until half term and the year 11s are soon to fly the nest. You can sense this in the air almost, no need to check a calendar or even be aware of the date tensions are running high printers are set to turbo boost mode shooting out reams of paper by the second as final year students put together a years worth or work in a few days.

Classrooms are no longer empty after normal school hours and none more so then the IT suites, requests for unblocking youtube and minecraft are at an all time high to the stage I'm considering a nice plaque just saying NO I WONT UNBLOCK THAT on the office door. Malicious activities have seen a decrease or I've just had less reported to me but some things never change yet again laptops are being left unplugged overnight possibly in feat they will break yet another plug socket when they forget to unplug them.

All the above is routine but the amount of stupid niggly issues on my task list keeps building recently related to basic stuff certain applications having intermittent lockups, cables being removed when teachers aren't looking and even teaching a member of staff how to copy and paste! That's a lite hearted rant anyway for my first blog post but not my last, I do have one thing to add before I finish. Why do people not learn movie maker sucks and even with alternatives they don't want to use them. Its buggy it slow down, it has problems exporting perfectly good wma files at times and complete freezes are not uncommon!

Some people never learn, us IT people however realise it wont be long until they are gone and the slightly quieter period begins while we plot the plans for the summer........budget permitting .



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