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Can anyone recommend a SIMS Assessment Manager consultant?

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by , 17th May 2013 at 08:31 PM (11564 Views)

Our school has recently updated our old CMIS system to SIMS which is due to go live in September we are currently dual running both systems. My job between now and then is to re-develop the entire way in which the school collects and processes its assessment data, however I have no prior experience of using SIMS and only took up this position June last year!

Although I and other senior members of staff have had the basic assessment training through CAPITA we are all still very much novices and would be looking at bringing in a consultant with a fluent understanding of how to set up / run assessment manger in SIMS, who would be willing to work alongside me and possibly another member of staff (SLT) with the view to explain and guide us in the right direction to ultimately enable us to run the process our self's.

If this is something you or you know of someone who could help us with this could you please message me. We would be looking at possibly bringing someone in from mid June / July 2013 to help in the first instance. Also it would be nice if this is an option for an estimated cost of the support to approach and get approval from SLT.

Thanks in advance,

Anthony Thornton


  1. Will_Townsend's Avatar
    Hi Anthony

    My company supplies sims specialists to schools and we can definitely help you out here, we have several sims consultants who work in schools doing exactly what you need on a very flexible basis

    Give me a call on 0845 686 0690 or let me know a number and I will call you back

    Best Wshes
  2. CAM's Avatar
    A good place is the MIS forum, there are plenty of SIMS experts on here. Post what you want to know and we will see what we can do to help.


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