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NETMANs 1st Blog Apple iPads and moving to the dark side!

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by , 30th January 2013 at 10:51 AM (14296 Views)
Welcome to Animated Trouble's 1st blog

I'm the network manager in a school in hertfordshire and have been for 6 years - Now moving into the iPad area requested by teachers is a challenge in themselves! just how do you add in a piece of technology designed for single user to a windows network! When in a meeting with apple the IT team explained how we could use VDI to make use of current programs and networks to make use of Window and Apple and move forward - the response from apple baffled us! "but why would you want to do that to an iPad?" Obviously apple have the money to throw out a working network and put in a different system! Unlike the uk education system!

Well the school moved forward and entered more of the dark side currently we are running 15 of the evil apple devices!



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