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Youtube in Schools - Useful teaching tool or pain in the backside?

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by , 16th March 2011 at 12:20 PM (2859 Views)
Youtube is the most widely used search engine after Google and few schools ban the use of Google yet many either ban or heavily restrict access to You tube.

Stopping students from accessing music, videos and other content is important but, at the same time, a lot of the content found on YouTube can be very useful for teachers both in the classroom and when setting home work.

Is teachertube the answer or should schools have their own solution?

What is best? Blanket ban or restricted access?


  1. zag's Avatar
    I just leave it open for all, seems to work ok in our school
  2. Iosoma's Avatar
    We allows staff to access it, but disallow access to students. We have also developed an internal youtube like system that hosts videos that staff need to access. This seems to be the most flexible route, but can require some additional work!
  3. Gret_A's Avatar
    Too many children are tempted to use their phones to video bullying etc and post it - also alot of unwanted distractions - I think for secondary 6th forms and colleges it's fine but would agree with Iosoma that no to younger students.


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