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ok so it's saturday night....

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by , 31st May 2008 at 10:21 PM (1373 Views)
...and i'm staying in despite just being paid, everyone else is busy and there's sod all on telly, have watched all the films I own at least boring and sad is this? flatmate has even bogged off out for the evening, so i've been sitting on my own and now i'm rather bored. I'm reduced to watching mtv and the music channels on sky...nothing else has caught my interest.

anybody else staying in on their own?

on a good note, i have made some progress with a website i've been making and got a few other things done around the flat today (mainly the washing up lol). oh and to top it all off I slipped over outside my office on wednesday morning and bruised my coccyx (lower back) so sitting/standing/walking/bending is painful and frustrating. oh well that's no lifting for me for a while.

i think this is one of those weekends i should just write off oh well feel better after all of that lol. :-)

eta: can't even play on the wii fit cos of my back. oh well guess its time to try playing trauma center again on it...rather weird game that it is


  1. Domino's Avatar
    maybe enough trauma centre action will teach you to fix your own back!

    ...or not
  2. amyr's Avatar
    lol no chance - discovered my flatmate had unplugged the wii to plug the playstation in and the plug was down the back of the telly and would have involved bending which is a big no no at the mo, so i couldn't play trauma center and i was getting sooo good at sewing people up as well


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