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One thing and another and another and another......

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by , 19th October 2008 at 12:48 PM (1593 Views)
They say thing come in 3s but at the moment its not stopping. After a hard week of updating joomla package and testing it I recived some emails asking me to pay to install the package that sysman created and I updated and wanted £500 to do it. As well as that got a couple of other emails telling me that I can use there package for comurtial gain and I needed to remove them I know feel like crap. Ok so thats that sorted next to relax at home with laptop (brand new) and oh dear what a bugger the harddrive has just died and then my home server has now also decided to play up now to the xbox to get rid of all that frustration oh yes forgot its away getting the cd drive replaced. What else can happen bring it on it cant get much worst
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