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The quality of this netbook really does speak for itself.

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by , 9th March 2011 at 04:08 AM (1210 Views)
Asus Eee PC 1201N (BLACK)

What can one say, the ASUS EEE PC 1201N is usually a fantastic little net book also it looks great too. I received mine in the post today. It feels really good made and (sorry to get girly here) it's seriously cute!
The screen resolution is brill. Initial create was fast and launching my software via USB appeared to be quick too. I ran a burn in tool as well as other than there being 79 faults within the CD/DVD drive (Ermm mainly i believe because IT DOESNT HAVE ONE) it was before faultless. Performance came out really good too.
All the ports and slots are hidden giving the machine a seamless tidy finish.
I can honestly say Asus have regarded almost everything here. The only downside is that there definitely seems to be no access to the actual battery so if that was to break it would expensive if not out of the question to repair.
Everything concerning this machine speaks quality. we have seen dearer netbooks compared to that aren't half as well made as this one. Alternatively there are cheeper netbooks out there, but if you want one which you dont feel ashamed of asking for out on the educate, then this is one I recommend. The quality on this netbook really does talk for itself.
I would strongly recomend this particular machine to anyone wanting a top quality, functional, and great searching machine.



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