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Writings from an IT Consultant in Devon. Current projects include HyperV, System Centre Products, Group Policy, App V, Sharepoint, Forefront Products, Remote Desktop, Thin Computing and Academies. Questions welcome.... . Follow me on Twitter @TheScarfedOne

  1. How to - System Centre Configuration Manager - Part 4a (OS Images - Get Started)

    by , 18th February 2012 at 02:04 PM
    Welcome to Part 4a of my System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) series! So - here is probably the most anticipated post - how to get started with OS Imaging! Im going to show you how to get SCCM ready for building your first Windows 7 image - and then in 4b, how to deploy that (with a load of extra options and fancy stuff!) to your estate. In the mean time, if there is something specific you need, or that you think Ive missed, please comment or send me a PM. Alternatively, you can find me on ...

    Updated 18th February 2012 at 02:50 PM by TheScarfedOne (Added some more sections...)