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    by Published on 28th May 2012 03:57 PM
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    We've just received word from our Network and Classroom Management forum sponsor NetSupport about a new update to their product range with NetSupport Assist 1.10 for Mac and Linux. Below is a copy of the PR release we were sent. ...
    by Published on 8th May 2012 09:00 AM
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    Thursday June 7th 2012
    In association with

    It's that time of year again when we at EduGeek in association with Smoothwall, who have kindly sponsored this years event, ask you once more to make you way up, down and across to Preston in Lancashire, for a day of informed talks from companies specialising in education and other areas, networking and meeting the site sponsors as well as being pampered by us and our event sponsor Smoothwall.

    This year we shall once more be holding the event in the ...
    by Published on 13th April 2012 02:56 PM
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    If you hadnít noticed, we are currently helping RM Education promote their forthcoming Technical Seminars. These training days are being held throughout England and Wales and cover a range of subjects that are not just related to RM products, and they are £85 + VAT to attend for the day. ...
    Published on 1st March 2012 01:44 PM
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    The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been released to the world, giving users a chance to test the most recent incarnation of the Windows operating system before it's release. The preview also includes the Windows Store where apps will be free of charge during the testing period.
    Microsoft claims there are over 100,000 changes since the early developer preview was released. ...
    by Published on 19th February 2012 06:17 AM
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    Article Preview

    VLC Media Player v2.0 has been officially released which comes with a ton of new features. See below for highlights and download links. ...
    by Published on 13th February 2012 03:25 PM
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    Last Friday I received a phone call informing me that I had to get myself to the Hack To The Future event being held at Our Ladies Catholic High School in Preston as a matter of urgency because the BBC are to be there and would be unwrapping, for the first time, the BBC Micro 2.
    So, interest ignited, I quickly re-arranged my Saturday schedule and got myself onto the invite list, as this kind of opportunity couldn't be passed up. ...
    by Published on 18th January 2012 03:31 PM
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    I have just been sent a PR statement about the numbers from this years BETT.
    BETT had 30,372* visitors over the 4 days which made it the highest attended BETT so far. This was an increase of 3.84% from last year.
    Next years BETT is at the ExCel exhibition centre which I am told provides extra space and also is now at the end of January (30th - 2nd Feb) which hopefully will mean more can attend rather than having it in the first week of term for many. They also say current bookings for next years show are at 104% percent of Olympia's capacity already.
    As usual EduGeek will be attending so make sure you come along to the new stand. ...

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    [MENTION=67916]ADMaster[/MENTION] - Sorry, that's a little above my understanding,

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    All I can say is, if you get the same issue just give up. There is no solution other than an OS re-install! Judging from my experiences and web searches

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    This is how the school works for non IT stuff and as you say can often be the best solution. I used ours mainly for bookings of cameras, staff could use

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    Guess the complexity of system depends on size of school.
    Here, everything that needs signing in and out is stored in a locked cupboard in the office

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