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    Best Quadcopter?

    Depends what you mean by "pretty confident" and "at speed"! Does he fly "nose in"? How is he flying a figure of 8? Can he

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    A Good Dalek [SPOILERS]

    I've been a Dr Who fan for a very long time but I have to say this latest series is leaving me a bit cold. I havent enjoyed the storylines, episode 1

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    Best Quadcopter?

    How is he making it turn is he just applying rudder to rotate it and then go forward in the new direction? If so banked turns are the thing to look at

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    A Good Dalek [SPOILERS]

    IMO it was hinting that because of all the deaths that Doctor had been involved with he would make a 'perfect' (my word for good) DALEK but that he also

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    A Good Dalek [SPOILERS]

    Disappointing episode, but then I think the new Doctor persona had a lot to do with it. Hopefully it will settle down soon because Capaldi is excellent,

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