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    2012 R2 on NUC

    One option would be to sign your drivers again after they have been modified. For Windows 7, you could create your own certificate relatively easily.

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    TASC vs. Go4Schools vs. SLG

    Asking a question here hoping that Insight users might pick it up...

    I have recently had to upload an Interim Check (Sims individual report)

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    Mac imaging

    Presumably you can have the sccm client installed on the Mac. Can it do osd for macs? I know sccm treats macs like devices rather than PCs.

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    Replacing broken classroom Speakers

    We also use these, they're simple, reasonably priced and sound OK

    Fazza Today, 07:31 AM Go to last post

    Would you rather

    I'd go for skin like an orange, easy to hide then a smell.

    WYR, Control the weather or Control the world stock market?

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