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    by Published on 22nd January 2015 05:33 PM

    BETT held their annual awards ceremony on Wednesday night handing out awards for great examples of educational tech, software and support.

    The categories and winners were:

    Early Years Digital Content:
    Day Two Productions - The Traditional Storyteller Apps

    Primary Digital Content
    Rising Stars - Switched on Computing

    Secondary, FE & Skills Digital Content
    Soundbitlearning UK Ltd - GCSEPod

    Best Whole Course Curriculum Content
    3P Learning - Mathletics

    ICT Tools for Learning and Teaching - web based
    SMART Technologies - SMART Amp

    ICT Tools for Learning ...
    by Published on 16th January 2015 05:16 PM

    Now that we are 99% sorted out (and past the point of no return for anything we may have forgotten!) itís about time we let you all know what we have on the stand this year.
    We have once more been kindly accommodated by Smoothwall (thanks so much guys!) and you can find us on stand E250 located between Microsoft and Google
    As always we offer you all a comfy sofa to rest your weary bones on and excellent company with free pizza at lunchtime. Usually this appears about 12:15 and is served on a first come ...
    by Published on 24th December 2014 07:44 PM

    So this is Xmas
    And what have you done
    Another year over
    And a new one just begunÖ.

    John Lennon, Happy Christmas (War is Over)
    Well, here we are once more at the end of another year which we are sure for most of you has been the usual round of hectic fire-fighting, network upgrades and often under-appreciated effort.

    Donít worry, we here at EduGeek know ...
    Published on 17th October 2014 05:01 PM

    Well done everyone who has taken part this week, weíve had a whole load of great captions, but, as always, there can be only 4 winners.
    So, after much consideration in the mods forum we have decided that the following raised the most grins amongst us.

    In first place for being very witty and clever (see, being clever isnít a bad thing kids!) is this caption from @alan-d: 'The Year is 4014 and archaeologists believe they have discovered the birthplace of that much worshipped deity 'Internet Explorerí ...
    Published on 13th October 2014 03:58 PM

    As promised, we have a task that will not take up as much of your valuable time as last weeks.
    All we want you to do is provide a humorous caption for the photo below.

    As usual we shall be closing for entries at 2pm (GMT) on Friday and announce the winners between 4 and 5pm the same day. ...
    by Published on 10th October 2014 05:32 PM

    It may be that we set the barrier a little high this week!
    We know that you are rushed, particularly at lunchtimes and it showed by the entries we received, so what we propose is that we roll over the main prize from this week and extend the competition by an extra week with a challenge a bit easier to achieve. Scooby Doo sandwiches anyone?
    Thatís ...
    Published on 6th October 2014 05:48 PM

    Here it is, the second week of our 4 week competition and this time we thought we'd treat you all.
    Or to me more exact, you treat yourselves and after 6 weeks of intense work during the holidays we think you've earned it.

    What we require from you is to have a nice meal in your office. The nicer the better in fact.
    We want to see cooked food, tablecloths, plates, cutlery and candles.
    Or perhaps you prefer some extreme food? Sandwiches a foot tall, baguettes 3 feet long or homemade stack burgers 4 times the height of your mouth with all of the trimmings (mmmmm, bacon)! ...

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